Friday, 30 November 2012

Trail blazers

In the past year or so, I've become a huge lover of preppy fashion. Or maybe, like vintage fashion, I  just found a name to go with a style I've always loved. 

Either way, I found that prep can be hard when you're a curvy girl. As much as I love blazers, button downs and riding boots, flattering options can be difficult to find. Blazers, in particular, have a tendency to look boxy, be too tight in the arms, and make me look like a news lady from the 80s. (I'm serious).

I am in love with the J. Crew Schoolboy blazer, but every time I try it on I end up trying to convince myself that it's totally okay to spend $230 on a blazer that's too tight in the shoulders and doesn't look quite right. 

But I found the solution. 

Yesterday I was shopping at Dynamite and I came across this lovely military style blazer:

Navy AND gold? Can I love you forever?
It's made of a stretchy, comfortable material, so it's form fitting without being restricting  and it still has a structured look. It hits me right at my waist, and retains its shape even when it's unbuttoned. 

I bought mine in an XL. For reference, I'm currently about a size 14, with a small waist and 
not so small bust. 

This blazer is perfect for: anyone who loves the look of a classic blazer without the stuffiness/boxiness, aspiring naval officers, me.

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