Sunday, 2 December 2012

A purse by any other name

I am a total sucker for good product names. It's 43% of the reason I own so much nail polish (the other 57% is that I have no self-restraint).

I was browsing the L.L. Bean site, looking for a present for my Dad (that's a blantant lie. I was looking for presents for myself) and I love the names they have for their products. 

This is the Buffalo Plaid Town and Field Tote. I have never once seen a plaid buffalo, but I now totally want one. (I got a little obsessed with buffalo when I went to Yellowstone this fall. I was stressing so hard that I wouldn't get to see one, and then I was taking pictures of a hot spring and almost didn't notice that two buffalo were chilling about 20 feet away. It was amazing)

Actually, what I love most  is all of the pockets! I love my Le Pliage, but the lack of pockets drive me crazy. 

I also love the original Town and Field bag, but again, it has a lot to do with the name. It sounds very posh and rustic, two things I am apparently unable to resist.

ModCloth is the worst for having totally cute names. How many times have I been completely charmed by the name of a dress that I forget that I'm semi-unemployed and broke? SO MANY TIMES.

How about the "Pier Into My Dreams" dress? The Window Seat dress? The Safari of Serendipity dress? (I wont add pictures because it's just not fair. I was on the site for two minutes and I feel poorer and less stylish.)

It's aspirational dressing at it's very, very worst. They might as well name them "Getting your dream job" dress, or "Hot cowboy picks you up and carries you into the sunset" dress. 

This dress is actually called "Twinkly Stars"

Actually called "Craft Party in Stone Grey" I think my name is better. 
If I keep buying clothing based on names, I'm going to have a very eclectic wardrobe and a very empty bank account. I should probably stick to buying more nail polish. 


  1. I believe that we each have more than one soulmate in life (not all romantic)... and I believe that you are one of mine.