Friday, 7 December 2012

Desk organization

After seeing the College Prepster do a post about desk organization, I decided to do one myself (mostly because it was good motivation to actually clean mine). I really hope this doesn't bore anyone to death. As I stated in my last post, I prefer to do most of my writing from bed, but when I'm having trouble focusing, or if I'm going to be accessing a lot of materials at once, I move things to my desk. 

It actually looks more cluttered than it feels. But that's okay. Even though I prefer the aesthetics of minimalist style,  I seem to collect stuff without even trying. And I'm so lazy, I hate having to get up to get anything once I start working, so it's best if everything is within easy reach. I come up with a new organization strategy about once a month, so this set-up probably wont last long.

This is my computer in the rare position of being plugged into my monitor. That's a picture of Old Faithful on the desktop. The mousepad says "Why be difficult when with just a tiny bit of effort, you can be impossible?" I bought it when my ex-boyfriend asked me why I had to make things so difficult. It's great because it's still on my desk and he's long gone. 

I have to have candles burning when I write. These are all holiday scented. I also love my Tervis tumbler, my stack of books for research and inspiration, and my inspiration board. I really only use my iPad as an incredibly overpriced e-reader. When I was still in college, I'd load slides on it while making notes, but now I usually read stuff on it while I'm eating lunch. Or procrastinating.

I got this cowboy hat in West Yellowstone last summer, and I stuck the tiara on it a couple of days ago when I was cleaning out my closet and couldn't figure out what to do with it. It would be cool if I were making some kind of statement, but I'm really just being lazy. The boxes are filled with stationary and magazine cutouts I will probably never organize. 
I don't know how well you can see the magnets on my lamp, but my friend bought them for me, and they are all writing-themed. The one in the middle says "write your own story". 

I got this mug when we were driving through Kansas last summer. It is, surprisingly, the only tornado themed accessory in my room. The metal box is supposed to hold mail until I get a chance to organize it. It's currently filled with guidebooks and souvenirs from my trip. 

My printer malfunctions constantly. The file holder holds documents I use for writing, pads of paper, magazines, and other stuff I haven't organized yet. (Sense a theme?) In the corner is a little "Nancy Drew's Guide to Life" I bought on a trip to New York. It's awesome but not at all helpful at guiding me in life. 

This is from another angle. I just wanted to show off my sparkling pink flamingo, which I love SO much. Under the flamingo is a picture of me with my parents as a baby, and there's also a picture of my mom at her debutante ball in the 70s under the shelf. 

As for organization tips? If I had any, I would probably use them! I always have to have elastic bands in my desk. That's probably number one. Write down everything would be number two. But those are both fairly obvious! 

If you made it this far, thanks! I hope it was interesting, and not completely obvious that I just really wanted to show off my flamingo. 


  1. I love that you still have the magnets! ...and I really really wish that I had a space of my own to set up shop (desk), and keep all of my stationery, etc. organized.

  2. It's hard in a small space! You could get a box/boxes that you know are dedicated to just stationary and office supplies, and keep them near your kitchen table/coffee table. Then you only have to pull them out when you want to get to work!

  3. And I love those magnets! They always keep me motivated!

  4. Haha I love the coyboy and tiara coincidence! I thought it was a statement at first until you said otherwise.
    Indeed, collegeprepster has inspired all of us to organize our desks.
    I keep a couple of candles, a wall calendar, lots of printed out quotes or pictures on my wall board, and a couple of floral storage boxes (just for stuff I don't know where else to put).

    1. I feel like everyone has to have one of those boxes for things that don't really belong anywhere! I always move stuff around without ever really finding a place for it. But floral boxes sound super cute, so it works out well!