Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today is my father's 55th birthday. He will be spending the day golfing with my grandfather, brothers, and uncles, while I try and hunt down a last minute birthday gift at the outlet mall. I just wanted to say a few quick words about him. 

My Dad and I fight a lot, probably because we are so alike. We are both opinionated,  quick to anger, and tend to see the worst in people before we see the best. But my Dad is also incredibly kind, selfless, and hilarious once you get to know him. 

He is simply the greatest. Here are few more reasons why:

He raised three kids (practically) on his own

He supports me in everything I do (even when it costs a ton of money, like studying abroad)

He flew to BC to drive back home to Ontario with me. Even though that involved being stuck in a car, with my incessant chatter and country music, for two weeks. 

Usually if I'm thinking it, my Dad will say it. 

He hates talking about emotional stuff, but every once in a while he'll send me an email telling me he's proud of me, or I'll come home and find a new book on my bed. 

When I asked him if my brother or I were "accidents", he told me: "Alexandra, all children are accidents."

When I asked him if I was a cute baby, he said: "Alexandra, all babies are ugly."

He's letting me live at home, and supporting me, until I can get a full time job. 

He has sacrificed so much for my brothers and I. I only hope that one day I can repay him, and at the very least, do the same for my kids. 

Edited to add: We are sharing a hotel room, and he just hit himself in the face with his iPad while trying to read. I just killed myself laughing. 


  1. Aww this is so sweet!! And I laughed a little bit at your edit...I do the same thing with my phone all the time.

    1. Me too-I wonder if there will be a new medical speciality dealing with self-inflicted technological injuries?!