Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pajama-like clothing

If it were up to me, I'd spend all day, every day, in my pajamas. 

There are some exceptions to this: I like to dress up as much as the next girl, and I love sequins and blazers, too. But if I have to get up any earlier than 11am, chances are that I wake up calculating how much more time I can sleep before I absolutely have to leave the house. (Shower? Unnecessary. Make-up? Not today) Usually my compromise is wearing my pajamas as long as possible, so I can pretend I am still in bed. 

This rather unattractive trait is unfortunately combined with a tendency to judge people who leave the house in their pajamas  This started after I spent a year studying in Lancaster, England, where I was informed by my flatmates in no uncertain terms that nobody attended lectures in their PJs. At Carleton, by contrast, it was common to see two-thirds of your Intro to Poli Sci class in flannel bottoms (at CU, the campus is connected by a series of tunnels, meaning that it is entirely possible to spend all winter never going outside). 

Anyway. I spend a lot of time trying to find clothes that I can pretend are PJs (and are therefore perfect for spending all day in bed writing) but don't require me to change if I decide I want to actually leave the house, to go get a coffee or something. 

A pretty obvious go-to for days like this. I used to hate leggings, and definitely subscribed to the whole "Leggings aren't pants" philosophy. But I just hadn't found the right pair yet. I still can't wear leggings and, say, a t-shirt, but I will totally wear leggings with a tunic or long sweater.  
I'm currently longing for a pair of fleece-lined tights. Target, I can't wait until you come to Canada. 

Long sweatshirts
I have a great Roots sweatshirt for this purpose. Mine is kind of salmon/coral and hits just past my hips. It covers my butt, but not super well, if that gives you any indication of it's length. I couldn't find it online, but this is a similar one

this girl is a model, therefore I am guessing that she's taller than me. 
My go-to pants on lazy days are yoga pants, but if I need to dress it up a little more, I found the next best thing: 

Gap Really Skinny Pants in Black
How can anything labeled "Really Skinny" possibly be comfortable? They're probably made by demons in a sweatshop in hell, but I don't care, they are the comfiest non-pajama pants I own. I had been looking for a pair of full length pants that could replace my J. Crew Minnie pants for the winter, and tried these on a whim. They stretch--in a good way, and possibly in a not so good way for people who might want their pants to remain skin tight. But they are perfect for writing at home, then grabbing coffee with a friend, then going to a cool indie concert, or something. I even think they would be appropriate for work if your workplace is business causal. Oh, and they are also longer than they look in the picture, with the leg a little wider at the ankle--not flared, but wide enough so it's clear you're not wearing leggings, if that makes sense. 

I bought a second pair yesterday, just in case they decide to discontinue them. 

Long sleeved dresses 
I've always shied away from long-sleeved dresses because I thought they would limit me, in some weird way. Maybe because I didn't think I'd wear them during the summer? No matter. Long sleeved dresses, when they are made from stretchy, soft material, are perfect for pretending I am still in pajamas. 

I have a similar dress from H&M. It is so so easy to throw on a belt and a scarf and look like I actually care. 
As much as I love super classy, structured clothing, the reality is that these are the first things I grab on early mornings. It's pretty much my goal in life (fashion-wise---obviously I have other goals) to maximize how awesome I look and minimize how much effort that takes. I'm still working on it. 


  1. I really like this post Alex! I also swear by my long-length Roots hoody and I've been eyeing up those Gap pants for a while.

    Just discovered your blog, and I really like it! I am always excited to discover fellow Canadian bloggers :)

  2. They are seriously the greatest--and that's a pretty strong endorsement from someone who likes to wear pants as little as possible! (I hope that only makes me sound lazy and not creepy!)

    Thanks for the comment--I love your blog as well!