Friday, 21 December 2012

Thoughts from the week: 12/21/12

Some thoughts from this week: 

It's not really that cold here yet--but it is icy as anything! I almost lost my footing a couple of times this week, and was so grateful I decided to pull out the Sorels, (even if they sometimes give me blisters) so I could avoid embarssing myself as I ventured across multiple parking lots/skating rinks.

The other day, as I was scraping ice off my car, I thought to myself: "I hate scraping my car off more than anything else in the world." This is a frequent refrain of mine--the other is "I hate pumping gas in the car more than anything else in the world." But then I realized---I have to scrape my car off because I am so fortunate to have my own car (and I love her more than one should love an inanimate object!). It definitely gave me some perspective, and I wondered: How many other things can I look at in terms of my blessings, rather than my complaints?

I am loving this Nautical by Nature post which highlights the importance of an emergency kit. There are also great resources with cute printables all over pinterest just for this purpose! It appears by this point that the apocalypse is not happening today, but it never hurts to be prepared :)

The soundtrack for Nashville has been playing in my house nonstop. My favourite is this Hayden Panettiere song: 

I am currently in the process of packing for my trip to Florida. We are supposed to be leaving at 6 tonight, but with this weather (at least a foot of snow), we may be delayed/cancelled. 

The view from my window
Speaking of packing, I'm super impressed with my organizational skills. Normally I just throw everything into a huge suitcase, but my brothers and Dad are all bringing their golf clubs, which means I had to be super conservative about what I brought. 

You know how the girls bathroom always has a longer lineup than the guys bathroom? I always thought that they should predict this, and build larger women's bathrooms. Similarly, I think women should be allowed to bring more luggage on airplanes. We have SO many more things to worry about. ESPECIALLY shoes. My family doesn't understand why I need four pairs of shoes to spend a week in Florida, whereas I know that even four will not be enough. Frustrating! 

I'm seriously considering getting a pair of Jack Rogers sandals while I'm in the States, but I'm really hesitant to spend so much on a pair of flip flops. This is not a problem, but it feels like one! 

I am so excited for Christmas, the beach, and Disney World! 


  1. Buy the Jacks! Enjoy your vacation!! xo

  2. You might be hesitant to buy flip flops because you live in a cold place. I thought the same thing about buying Ugg boots. I live in Georgia, and it's only cold here for about a month and a half of the entire year. I thought "Why spend over a hundred dollars on something you can only wear for a month of each year?" It was worth it. Having high quality, go-to shoes for the perfect season is priceless. You will always feel prepared. My boots look and feel brand new after wearing them through 3 seasons.

    Long story short, get the jack rogers.

    1. That is great advice! By total contrast, my Uggs look beaten up and terrible because I wear them all the time! :) I think that I'll wait until it's a little closer to summer to buy a pair, when I'm actually working (and not just running up my credit card!) and when I can get them shipped either up to Canada or down here so one of my family members can bring them up.

      I'm trying to find a place I can try them on for size, do you know which stores carry them?

    2. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! You can find them at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales...althought I don't know if those stores are in Ottowa.

    3. Thanks! I tried a pair on at Nordstroms and they felt narrow, but I hear that can be the case. I will probably order a pair online once it gets a little warmer up here :)