Wednesday, 30 January 2013

City Living

Despite living almost exclusively in places classified as "cities" (Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa), I have never considered myself a "city girl". Especially recently, with my new(ish) obsession with country music, flannel shirts, and cowboy boots! Living out in BC, where it was literally a 5 minute walk to complete wilderness, has not helped this idea.

So when I got the job I have now, even though I was thrilled to be employed again, I was also seriously resentful that I had to move back to Toronto.

All I could think was: noise, smog, no grass, no parking, ugh.

Which is funny because I lived in Toronto from the ages of 9-14, and I loved it back then. But every time I came back, it felt...bigger somehow. It stopped feeling like home.

But now that I'm here (and to be fair, only working and not actually living downtown), I am remembering all the things that are great about Toronto. Like...

The CN Tower

I remember when I used to go on holiday or to Ottawa for the weekend, seeing this on the horizon always meant I was coming back home. The other day I was coming up out of Union Station to meet a friend for dinner, and saw this sight. Despite being in T.O for over two weeks by the point, it was the first time I'd seen it. (I seem to go from one train, to a tunnel, to another train, to work!)


My new office is only a couple of blocks away from the Eaton Centre, which is both awesome and very dangerous. But all those stores I complain about not being in Ottawa? Toronto has all of them, plus tons of cute boutiques and vintage markets. 


I refuse to relinquish my (admittedly still lackluster) support for the Senators and become a Leafs fan. But I have ALWAYS been a Blue Jays fan, and I can't wait until spring rolls around so I can take advantage of the proximity of the SkyDome and take in a baseball game!


Right now I'm staying with my aunt and cousins and its been a lot of fun catching up. I've also got a cousin living about 10 minutes away from my new house (North of T.O) and he's promised to introduce me to some people. It's nice to have that support, even when I'm away from home. Plus, my cousins are hilarious, and have gotten me into the habit of quoting Pitch Perfect whenever the opportunity arrises. ("Don't sign me up for cardio.")


Okay, admittedly, this is a lot more annoying now that I work from 6:45-7. But even so, the GO and TTC systems aren't that bad, and because of the long commute, I've been able to read WAY more in three weeks than I think I have in the last three months. This is awesome. 


I mean, restaurants that are NOT just Kelsey's or Montana's. Not that Ottawa doesn't have great dining options too--there just aren't any where I live. Now that I'm downtown so often, a whole new world has been opened up to me, and I can't wait to try more! Any recommendations are welcome! 


  1. The idea of moving to the "big city" gives me the heebie jeebies... but to be honest it also makes me a little excited, thinking about all the STUFF in the city haha. Shopping and food are big attractors for me!! That being said I just can't picture myself living in a big city environment.

  2. awww I love this. I'm a biiig city girl and love, love, love Toronto!