Friday, 4 January 2013

What would Tami Taylor do?

Whenever I'm feeling a little insecure or need some inspiration, I ask myself "What would Tami Taylor do?"

I know I'm not the only person to do this. Obviously there's the original "WWJD" and I think that still holds up pretty well. But on thinking about it a little further, I realized that while it really helps to think about what Tami would do, what I actually want to know is "What can I do so that I will be happy/proud of myself later?" What I'm really asking is what I would do, if I believed in myself a little more. 

About a year and a half ago, I made the (difficult) decision to break up with my boyfriend, rather than do long distance while I was at school. I was sitting in my room with my friends later, sniffling and wondering aloud whether I made the right choice. My friend said something I'll never forget:

"I trust in the innate selfishness of humans that we usually do what we want. Overanalyzing is just how we justify making those decisions." 

I laughed, and realized that she was probably right. As much as I love a good overanalyzing session (and I engage in that a LOT), when it comes down to it, my decision making process is pretty simple:

1. Will this make me happy in the long term? 

2. Will this hurt other people?

3. Does this feel right? 

(I'm trying not to think too much about making other people happy. Not because that isn't a noble goal, but because it is far too overwhelming of a task. I firmly believe that the happier a person can make themselves, the more they contribute to the world as a whole. It's the whole "secure your oxygen mask before helping others" idea.)

But sometimes it is easier to think about doing the "right thing" in terms of how other people would do it. Would Tami Taylor prepare for an interview or go drinking with her friends? Would Jesus text a guy he wasn't really interested in just because he hadn't had attention in a while? Would Kate Middleton wear leggings as pants?*

When it comes down to it, my answers to those questions reveal way more about me than they do Tami, Jesus, or Kate (none of whom, for obvious reasons, I actually know). I have the same qualities inside of me that I admire in others, I just have a harder time calling those up when I'm feeling weak. I'll probably never get in the habit of asking "What would Alex do?" but I am going to try and remember that it's not out of the realm of possibility for that answer to be the right choice. 

I suppose a lot of this is coming from the fact that I am moving and starting a new job in a few days. It's much easier to try and adopt another personality than it is to rely on the strength of my own. But doing things like remembering the things I have accomplished this year and trying to mentally prepare, as much as possible, and maybe also re-watching Season One of FNL I'm just saying is helping a lot.

*If I had to guess, here are my answers:

-Tami would prepare for the interview. With a glass (or two) of white wine. 
-Jesus would find out if the guy would be better suited for his friend, and probably wouldn't have given his number out in the first place (it would be asking for trouble).
-Kate would wear leggings as pants if she was spending all day at home, writing in bed. 


  1. Convince me that FNL is a show I *need* to watch on Netflix. I watched the pilot episode and nearly had a heart attack because of the stress (I may or may not have been already experiencing life stress anyway) and I haven't been psyched to watch the rest.

    Love this post, by the way! And I think Kate would wear leggings as pants, especially now that she's pregnant! She may not leave the castle in them, but I'm sure she wears them.

  2. Believe me, I know. It took me almost nine episodes to get really into it (I actually stopped watching and came back a year later) but then I was hooked. I know that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but trust me when I say it is so, so worth it. I'm not a huge football fan, and while there are tense moments...I guess the only thing I can say is that it's worth it! I can't stand watching shows where I can't root for at least one character, and on this show, I root for all the characters, even the ones that don't seem so likeable at first.

    And thank you--I think she would too!