Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I finally have internet again! 

Okay, in reality it's only been 3 days since I moved into this house, which means it's only really been three days since I haven't had internet. But when you only work 1-2 times a week, those three days feel endless. 

As happy as I am to have internet again (yay blogging!), there was something a little freeing about being so disconnected. While I could still check Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail on my phone, I couldn't waste time nearly as efficiently as I used to, by streaming endless hours of Gossip Girl, or meandering pointlessly around the internet. I had to actually, you know. Entertain myself. 

And it's been great. I actually attempted a Pinterest-worthy craft, instead of just pinning and thinking "Oh, that's nice." I made real dinner, instead of calling for take-out or settling for a sandwich. I've read, and watched a few movies all the way through (as opposed to watching a movie while my laptop is perched on my lap). It forced me to focus on one thing, rather than twelve. 

All that being said, excuse me while I go catch up on all my favourite blogs! 

Do you ever take a break from the internet? How does that go for you? 


  1. Oooh, exciting! Is it in the city?

    I recently had my internet malfunction for an afternoon/evening and it couldn't have come at a better time.... I ended up spending it deep cleaning my dorm room (a much needed task!). I felt so refreshed when I woke up the next day. I suppose I should actually take something from that experience and stop wasting time on the internet so much....

    1. I know...despite the fact that I enjoyed the break, consciously forcing myself to go without internet feels very unlikely!

      My new place is actually faaaaar into the country, so I feel like I'm kind of getting the best of both worlds!

  2. I'd love for you to do a (non-invasive) picture tour of your new place sometime!!
    Yes, I have a tool on google chrome that allows me to limit my internet time to, say, an hour, and then blocks all my time-wasting sites for the rest of the day.
    It's really nice to just log out, and read a book on my porch once in a while.
    Hope all is well with you my dear!

    1. I totally will do a tour once I've finished moving in!

      That's a great idea, I am going to look into installing something like that

      I hope everything is well with you too! :)

  3. New follower (kaitastrophical actually sent me here)!

    I did a big disconnect from social media last March & April. Spliced together randomly generated passwords and changed my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, and then gave the password to my mom. Was SO hard at first, but it helped me be tons more productive & while of course I found other ways to distract myself and procrastinate writing loads of papers for school, it wasn't near the same level as it usually is. Was really refreshing!

    I've been thinking of trying out a day each week where I don't use the internet or TV because I just think how much else I could be getting done!

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm now following both your blogs!

      That's a really good idea! I think I feel guilty disconnecting because so much of my networking/volunteer work relies on social networks and e-mails, so disconnecting can actually feel like procrastinating in a weird way sometimes. But I think one day without internet sounds like exactly the right balance!