Saturday, 9 March 2013

Home Tour

So. This is a long post, because it's very picture heavy and explain-y. 

I had planned to do a "new home!" post weeks ago, but I kept putting it off because I hated the way the pictures turned out on my iPhone. Finally I realized I was never going to take better pictures. There was always something wrong--the lighting, my camera, needing to wash my sheets. So I'm posting the original iPhone pictures with apologies about their lack of quality. 

I was also kind of reluctant about doing a house-tour post, because I didn't want it to come off as braggy. I am extremely fortunate to live where I live, and have the things I do, and I was worried that doing a post like this would seem obnoxious. Like "look at all the cool stuff I have". So I think all I can say is that one of the things I prioritize in my life is having a nice living space--it's one of the things that I spend my money on in lieu of other things. And almost everything in my room has taken years to put together--I could never have afforded to go out and buy all new furniture and bedding for my new place. Anything new I bought was pretty much found at the Dollar Store or Walmart. 

I really don't know if it was necessary to include that disclaimer, but there it is. Now, onto the real post!

I work in downtown Toronto,  but I live north of T.O, about a 45 minute drive (with no traffic) to work. The advantage to this is that I can live in a house, instead of a basement apartment, and have a parking space, and live with a cool friend from college instead of living with like six 18-year-olds, or something. 

I love my house. Seriously. If I could live here forever, I probably would. 
Unfortunately, I'm only subletting, and my roommates roommate is coming back in May, so I'll have to find a new place. I'm really bummed out about this, and maybe you can see why:

For one thing, my room is HUGE. Definitely the biggest bedroom I've ever had. When I was a kid, I used to judge a bedroom's quality by whether or not I could do cartwheels in it. This is the only room that has ever passed that threshold (although I can't do cartwheels anymore, so this is wasted). 

It also gets tons of natural light, which is one of the reasons these pictures are kind of wonky looking. I really need to learn how to use a real camera. 

My aqua bedding (similar) is one of those things that makes me so happy every time I walk into my room, because it's so bright and colourful. 

I think the teal ruffle pillow is from Pier One, the coral pillow is from Bed Bath and Beyond, the white throw is from Chapters and the blanket with the deer I got at Rocky Mountain National Park last summer. 

(Oh yeah, I love my gold sequin knockoff Uggs. I wear them around the house with my UA leggings and pink Roots sweater. Another thing that makes me happy!)

I keep a little fabric box under the nightstand because I hate seeing stuff pile up--and it will. I keep my books, lipgloss, hand lotion, tylenol, and an elastic in there. 

My dresser is a smaller recreation of my dresser at home (aka my Dad's house). I used to display ALL my travel souvenirs with my perfume, but here I've downsized to avoid clutter. The picture on the right is my grandmother with my Mom as a baby, and I feel like everything else is kind of self-explanatory in terms of it's origins. 

I'm sort of tempted to move this desk under the window next to the bed, but I worry that I wouldn't get any work done if I did that. I tend to work in the living room or at Starbucks anyway, but I try to keep my desk clear and organized. If I didn't, it would definitely become a makeshift clotheshorse. 

The closet is definitely the best part of the room. Look how huge it is! It's practically a bedroom. I use a Lulu bag as a hamper because I am a) cheap and b) don't want to take up space with one. 

There are more clothes in the closet now, so in order to see the shelves I have to really push everything over, but how fantastic is this? It's actually twice this size--the other size has some storage boxes, my sewing machine, some purses, and binders/manuals for work. 

The only thing that I don't like about this room is the bookshelf. I have a huge bookshelf at home that I have to constantly curate in order to keep it from overflowing. When I moved down here, I brought only my absolute favourite books (also because this will make it easier to move again in May). I got the little boxes at the DollarStore.

One thing I am totally willing to brag about is the picture on the top of the bookshelf. My best friend painted me a watercolour and acrylic scene from Lilo & Stitch, and it is the best present I have ever been given. This picture has come with me every place I have ever moved (much like the stuffed Stitch on my bed)

The mirror is actually a plain white one I bought at Walmart for $7 and painted with Martha Stewart turquoise glitter paint. It was way more difficult, messy, and time consuming than I thought it would be, but I do like how it turned out. 

I couldn't get a picture of the whole living room/dining room because of the light, but this is shot from the hallway. None of the furniture in the house is mine (I would never have been able to stick to such a neutral palette, but I love how calming it is). The tv sits on one of those block shelves from Ikea, and looks very cool and modern and awesome. This is where, despite the fact that we don't have cable, my roommate and I watch way too much tv. 

Our kitchen is really nice too, but narrow, so it was hard to get a good picture of it. The greatest thing ever is that there is a washer/dryer unit in the other corner. This is especially great because I'm pretty sure the nearest laundromat is about 15km away.

I had to stand in the shower to take this picture, but we have two sinks! So convenient  Can you guess which sink is mine??? 

Also, I love the built in shelving! 

Finally, this is an (instagrammed) picture of the view from my bedroom window of our backyard. Our house is sort of a duplex, so our landlords live in the back of the house, and so most of the time the yard is filled with dogs, which is so cute and funny to watch. I'm excited for it to get a little warmer so we can have a campfire out here! 

So, that is my house! Hopefully it was interesting and not too picture heavy/obnoxious. For anyone who does read/follow this blog--I really want to see where you live! Post a link if you've done a home tour post on your blog. :)


  1. I love it Alex!! Your pictures are really not bad at all. The house looks beautiful and you are lucky to have all that space! I would be so upset though about the bookcase. Mine is way bigger too and STILL doesn't fit all my books. I do love those boxes at Dollarama though... they have the best selection and they actually hold up really well! I can totally see why you will be sad to move.

    I haven't done a "house tour" of my room here in France... but I did do one of my bedroom in my parent's home last August, which really is still what I consider home. You can see it here if you like! (Ugh, just watched a little of it, and it made me so homesick haha.)

    P.S. I was really happy to see this pop up in my feed, I have missed your posts!!

  2. I loooove your home! The Aqua bedding is super happy and I love it combined with the reindeer quilt! I also love your dresser top. It looks super chic and sophisticated. I'm not sure which sink is yours...I could make a case for either. The one on the left because it has less stuff and you mentioned earlier that you don't like clutter/for things to build up OR it could be the right because there are lots of fun coordinated products. I'm going to guess the right haha

    Also, don't feel bad about having what you have and wanting to show us! We follow your blog because we want to learn about you and your life and that includes your home whether it's tiny or big or has nice furniture or not. You worked hard to get what you have and you should be proud!!