Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Liebster Award

SHF at The S Chronicles nominated me for a Liebster Award which was very flattering and exciting!  I've had such a good time reading other people's answers. The S Chronicles is super cute...and as a bonus, it's author is a fellow Canadian...which is always exciting to find! 

The Rules

List 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked to you, write your own 11 questions, and nominate 11 other up-and-coming blogs.

Also in the post, you should thank whoever nominated you and link back to their blog.

  • I have a really hard time with things like this...I don't know how to draw the line between being sort of obnoxiously coy or over-sharing. 
  • I drive a 1998 silver Honda Accord which I named "Saoirse" after seeing in everywhere in Northern Ireland. I found out it means "freedom" which is a perfect fit. 
  • Despite living in England for a year, spending 4 months performing the part of Poppy in "Noises Off" and being obsessed with Harry Potter, I still can't do a proper British accent. (My southern accent is actually better, and the only southern state I've been to is Florida, which may or may not even count.) 
  • Last year, during what may as well have been referred to as "the year of mental breakdowns", I got a tattoo on my foot of a hibiscus flower and the word "ohana". I genuinely don't regret it, but sometimes I look down at my foot and think "Am I really a tattoo person?"
  • I've tried online dating 3 times, and deleted my account after about a week each time. 
  •  I wore sunglasses to both my prom and graduation. I wasn't trying to be cool, I had a wicked bad eye infection. 
  • My first celebrity crush was Leonardo Dicaprio.
  • I get anxious when I don't have a pen and glass of water next to my bed, or headphones in my purse. 
  • I grew up Roman Catholic and my faith is a really important, really complicated, part of my life.  
  • There are a lot of things that I want to like more than I actually like them. (Golf. The Velvet Underground. Classic Literature.)
  • I watch disaster movies when I'm upset, especially if I'm upset over a boy. 

Questions from The S Chronicles

1. Which nail polish (brand & colour) is your favourite?

The colours I love the most are probably Essie's Tart Deco or Fiji. I love Essie's colours but sometimes I find they can be difficult to apply, so I've really been loving the Outlast Stay Brilliant line--it's a little cheaper, dries pretty quickly, and you only need two coats--no base or top coat required. I maybe possibly sometimes use this at work when I get bored on night shifts.

2. Which app do you use the most?
On my phone, definitely mail. I check my email constantly. That's a really boring answer though, so lately I've been obsessively playing 4 Pictures, 1 Word, playing music on Songza, and backing up all my stories and Instagram pics with Dropbox. My reminders and calendar app get a lot of use too, now that I'm getting a hang of this whole "being a grown up" thing.

On my iPad it's a toss up between Stanza and iBooks...depending on how legally obtained my ebooks are...

3. If you were throwing a dinner party & could invite anyone, who would you ask?
My best friends and my family, probably!

In the alive/famous category: Jon Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Mindy Kaling, Aaron Sorkin, Connie Britton, Leigh-Anne Tuohy and Carrie Underwood, because I think they would all be able to have really interesting conversations and I would like to pick all of their brains/squee like a fangirl and hug them.

In the dead/fictional category: Elvis, Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights, CJ Cregg from the West Wing, June Carter and Johnny Cash, Theodore Roosevelt.

4. What is your favourite university memory?
Pretty much my entire 3rd year when I was studying in England. One time in second term, we had a massive flat party that migrated downtown to the student union club and everyone was the perfect amount of tipsy and there was no drama, it was just fun all night. And the same year I traveled to Belfast with my friend and we had adventures drinking in pubs, tracking down the Good Vibrations record store, trekking to Giants Causeway and traipsing across the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. Those are some of my favourite memories of all time, probably.

5. Which song can you listen to over & over without getting tired of it?
This is hard, because I have a couple:

3 Rounds and a Sound by Blind Pilot
Kentucky Rain by Elvis Presley
Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

6. What is your dream job?
Secret Agent Storm Chaser Writer who wears pretty dresses and gets paid to drink coffee and flip my hair around. 

In all seriousness, I want to do so many things, but I love emergency management so ideally I'd like to work as a kind of field officer or someone who gets to travel and tell people how to do things. I would love to make a career out of writing, so that I had enough flexibility to go storm chasing and could write about my imaginary adventures as a secret agent. 

7. Which Lilly print is your all-time favourite?
I've only started wearing Lilly in really the last two years, so I'm not sure I could pick a favourite, but I love this "Tossing the Line" one from the current collection. 

8. Do you have a lucky number?
Nope! I like the number 47 because of years of watching Alias, but I don't think it's particularly lucky. 

9. How do you relax after a long & busy day?
Sometimes a bath, and a girly movie or funny show. If it's been a really bad day I  pour a glass of white wine and turn on Friday Night Lights and pretend Tami Taylor is giving me advice. 

10. What is your biggest indulgence?
Coke--definitely. Lattes, too, but coffee is really a necessity. I know soda is terrible for me, but I've been unable to kick the Coke habit, no matter how many times I've tried. It's just too delicious! 

Also, shopping. I shop when I am happy OR sad, which is a recipe for disaster. 

11. What is the best thing about the month of March?
It's almost summer! And I have a lot of shifts this month which means more money--yay! 

My Questions
1. Road trip or airplane?
2. When was the last time you were inspired by something?
3. What do you think people's first impression of you is?
4. Favourite quote?
5. What is a tv show you think everyone should watch but not enough people are?
6. If you ever become famous, what would you like to be famous for?
7. Sequins or florals? (or neither?)
8. If letters had personalities, and you were a letter, which letter would you be?
9. What is your favourite place to blog from? (Desk, couch, Starbucks...?)
10. What is one book that has influenced you and your values or goals in a huge way?
11. Song you would like playing in the trailer for the movie of your life? 

Okay, I know I'm supposed to nominate 11 people, but I'm pretty sure all my favourite blogs have already been nominated at least once. Instead, I'm going to list blogs and bloggers that I love and have really made my foray into blogging totally worthwhile! If you guys want to answer my questions, go ahead! (but I won't be offended if you don't!)

Thanks again to SHF for nominating me! 


  1. bahaha I love your first fact about towing the line between obnoxiously coy and over sharing. that's hilarious and sooo true. I feel the same way too and normally going the boring route: "I like pink, "I have 1 older brother" etc etc
    Oh! And it turns out we have the same dream occupation and also the same favorite nailpolish; I wear tart deco like it's my job.
    And thank you for nominating me for the award too! wooo! I'm pumped to answer yur questions

  2. I'm excited to check out some of the things you mentioned... like the songs, Essie Tart Deco, and Songza haha. I always find these posts fascinating, I love learning more about my favourite bloggers! And I was, quite frankly, really surprised to learn that you're Roman Catholic. For some reason I just never pictured you as very religious?! Haha.

    And thanks for nominating me, girl, I'm so excited to answer the questions!! :)

  3. Following you on Instagram now :) and I TOTALLY get the Coke habit (ha)...I became addicted to Diet Coke over the summer and while I've thankfully now weaned myself off of it, I just couldn't get through a summer work day without at least one (and often 2+) Diet Cokes. DC is my vice.

    I have a bottle of Essie Fiji but I don't like it on my fingers. I'm not sure why, it may be because I rarely do a pale neutral and just haven't gotten used to it. I'll give it another try though!

    Thanks for nominating me! I'm going to answer your questions right now :)