Sunday, 20 October 2013

Things I Love (cooler weather edition)

Our awesome extended summer has finally ended. :(  It was frosty when I got in my car this morning! As sad as I am that winter is coming, here are some things that are keeping me happy:

1. My new desk:

When I took a break from blogging a few months ago, it was mostly because of work (and was really only supposed to last a month or two). After a few months, it really became about not having a good workspace. When the girl I was subletting from moved back in, she also reclaimed her furniture, including her desk. Hypothetically, all I should need in order to blog is a computer, which I have at home and work. But it was a challenge working on creative projects at work, especially on night shifts, and when I work from my bed (which I used to not mind at all) I had a bad habit of falling asleep.

Finally, finally, my roommate sold the futon that was taking up so much space in my room, and I found a desk! It took way too much internet browsing and internal debates, but I finally purchased the small portion of this desk from JYSK. It's big enough that I can spread out, but small enough that I can put it in multiple spots in my room. The only (slightly) annoying thing is that the base is larger than the glass, so it doesn't fit right up against the wall. It's just a small annoyance though, and I am way too happy to have a functional workspace again to care!

2. Gone Girl

Yes, everyone's read it already. Yes, I avoided it for exactly that reason. I was wrong. I couldn't put it down. And when I did, it was with a resounding "WTF." (It was the best kind of "WTF", though)

3. Under Armour Leggings

I may have written about these before, but hello best thing that ever happened to me. With the weather getting cooler (even with the warm fall we've had so far), these babies have been my go to, whether I'm wearing a dress or just a long sweater. So comfy and warm, and I don't have to worry about getting a run in them (I'm looking at you, stupid Walmart tights!)

4. Maps

I've seen a lot of maps-based crafts on Pinterest lately, and badly wanted to make some. I was considering doing some contraband printing at work to obtain some maps (note: I never ever ever sometimes do this), and then I found a North American road atlas at the dollar store for $3. Problem solved. Hipster-decor, here I come! 

5. Tim Horton's Coffee

How original, a Canadian loving Timmies coffee, right? Okay, but I've honestly never been a fan, usually preferring Starbuck's or nothing at all (I still think most of the food is gross and pointless). But I've been trying to save money for a trip to Japan, and so I'm having a really hard time justifying $6 a day lattes (sometimes $12 if it's #oneofthosedays). 
I have discovered, however, that Tim Horton's has flavour shots, which makes a medium double-double with a shot of vanilla taste almost as good as a vanilla latte (almost. Let's not get crazy). And at about $2, plus the fact that I can hit it up before my commute at 5:30, it's been worth the temporary switch. 

6. Investopedia

I have started venturing, very, very slightly, into the world of investing. When I sat down with my financial advisor, I understood maybe two of every three words he said. And then I started reading Michael Lewis's The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine and realized that I lack even a very basic understanding of investments, the stock market, and maybe the whole economy?

Fortunately, this site explains everything in a really simple, non-condescending way. I started with Investing 101 and then branched out onto the topics I found interesting. I'm not going to be brokering my own trades anytime soon, but I feel more secure knowing what's actually happening with my money. 

The weather is getting colder, and it's harder to remain in a perpetually good mood. What are you loving lately? I'd love suggestions for books or things that keep you warm!

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  1. Your desk space looks so cute! It's fantastic to have your own dedicated work space.

    I'm also really excited to check out the Under Armour leggings and Investopedia. I really need a new pair of leggings for fall/winter. And I am hopelessly pathetic at all things financial... it's something I really want to educate myself on, but haven't seem to have found the right way to yet. Speaking of which, have you ever read The Wealthy Barber? It seems tedious at times but I actually learned a lot from it about finances and investments.

    P.S. I'm obsessed with maps too.