Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Things I Love (button-down shirt edition)

This post is for you if:

1. You believe that oxford/button-down shirts are supposed to be the answer to looking 
 a) chic 
 b) professional 
c) casually laid back yet mysteriously pulled together, 
all while being 
d) comfortable. 

2. You have never been able to find a button-down shirt that accomplishes these things. 

Me either.

 Guys, I have zero patience with being uncomfortable. I have a large chest, and I travel a lot. Most oxfords are just not going to work for me. If the buttons aren't gaping, the rest of the shirt is too big. If it's not too big, it's uncomfortable. If it's not uncomfortable, it's still going to wrinkle terribly. Putting aside all of those issues, if I have to raise my arms more than a few inches, I end up with a strange balloon hanging around my neck when I put my arms back down. 

I'm not going to tell you I have the perfect solution, because I don't. But I have discovered an AWESOME shirt that I LOVE and I wanted to share it with the world. 

It's stretchy and comfy and I'm not kidding when I say that it makes me feel casually laid back yet mysteriously pulled together at the same time. It's probably supposed to be for hiking and other ruggedly outdoorsy activities but it can totally work in professional settings. 

My average day can involve driving for six hours on isolated roads, attending meetings in downtown Toronto, flying to remote First Nations communitie, facilitating meetings and exercises in rooms full of firefighters or Heads of Council, meeting people in bars or restaurants, or gulping well-deserved glasses of wine on my couch while watching the West Wing. This shirt is perfect for all those things. 

If you really like the tailored crispness of an oxford, this shirt might not be for you. I totally get that. I wish I loved crispness as much as I love pretending I'm still in my pajamas, but I don't. I do love having clothing that works for more than one purpose. I've worn this with a skirts, jeans, dress pants and leggings. It pretty much lives in my suitcase and it always looks good. 

I bought mine in the dusted indigo, and even though I desperately want to buy one in every colour so I never have to live without this shirt, I actually think it may be the only colour I ever need. It just works with everything. 

Do you have any items of clothing that just "work"? Please share!


  1. Oh, this shirt looks SO perfect. I always have the same problems as you when buying "regular" button-downs (and I'm large-chested too, which seems to just exacerbate those problems). I've been trying to "grow up" my wardrobe a bit lately too so I love the style of this. And it's on sale! Thank you for the recommendation!!!

  2. Let me know what you think if you buy it! I seriously think I'm going to buy one just to leave in my suitcase, it's that perfect.