About me

I wasn't sure I wanted to make an "About" page, because I'm still not exactly sure what this blog is about.

I think it's mostly going to be an outlet for the things that interest me, including fashion, history, writing, and angsting about mid-twenties life.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I am 24 years old, a college graduate trying to make a career in a field that has shrunk dramatically in the last year. So that's fun! I'd say a lot of my angst comes from that.
  • I love to write,  and I love reading YA fiction
  • I am trying to learn to sew, speak french, and wear red lipstick.
  • I once bought a magnet that said "I am the pink flamingo on the great lawn of life" and decided that it would become my life motto.
  • I once saw a bumper sticker that said: "The boobs are real, the smile is fake" and decided it would become my life motto.
  • I change my mind a lot.
  • I am fascinated by tornadoes and natural disasters.
  • I drove across the country last summer to work in British Columbia. Along the way, I became obsessed with National Parks, western expansion, and Instagram (it made my pictures of Mount Rushmore look so much more badass)
  • My style icons are Tami Taylor, June Carter, Nancy Drew, and Blair Waldorf.
  • I also love nail polish, the West Wing, baseball and hanging out with my little brother.
  • I am fascinated by the South, but I'm not sure I could ever live there permanently. I feel the same way about Northern Ireland.
  • I have a pretty intense need for people to like me. If you like my blog, please say hi! I really want to connect with other bloggers/writers/tornado enthusiasts.
  • I'm not sure I want to put pictures of myself on this blog, but I have a feeling my narcissism will get to me eventually. In the meantime, here is a picture of some buffalo I took in Yellowstone National Park: 


  1. I like your "about me" :)

    You seem really genuine.

    1. Being genuine is something I've really tried to aspire to in the last few years, so I REALLY appreciate your comment! :)